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25 lb bag of Spelt with Simple Shipping Rate


This item is not pictured properly, however, you will receive a 25 lb bag of whole spelt berries. Purchasing this way is an option to save on shipping. Do the math, add a regular product (of grain) and see what the shipping would normally cost. If this works better for you, great! Glad we could help. Read more in the description, just below.

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I have a new option for spelt… I can ship 25 lbs for a total cost of $58 to you, if you live in the continental 48 states. There will be no additional shipping cost as you check out (choose the FREE SHIPPING option for this 25 lb product, only). You can order as many bags as you like this way. If you choose the other 25 or 50 lb bags, the order will not be completed until shipping is paid for. Thanks for understanding.

If you want to learn more about spelt, in general, you can click and read the other spelt page with all the valuable information contained there.

NOTE:  Crop may include 2018-2019 harvest seasons. Both are good crops.

I hope this saves you money on shipping… that’s the idea. Please contact me if you encounter problems.

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