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Potatoes are an adventure to grow. It is very interesting to plant the seed, watch the rosettes appear above the soil and then grow to cover the entire field.

Spud (potato) harvest is also such a “party” that in Sugar City, we get a little school vacation so all who can and want to can help in the harvest. Potatoes are quite weather sensitive and need to be harvested in a very timely fashion.

We prefer to grow (and eat) Russet Burbank potatoes- which is the potato that made Idaho famous! We are willing to sell you a box of fresh potatoes from the storage cellar, with some notice. Usually, we sell our potatoes to the fresh shed, meaning they end up in a bag of some sort in your grocery store.

However, we have been known to also grow some other fun varieties (shown in pictures) huckleberries: purple outside with yelllow insides; red potatoes – some have white insides, some yellow and some red! It is kind of fun when you mix all three into a red, white and blue potato salad!

If you need some fun recipes for using potatoes, you can purchase our Farm Favorites Cookbook. Notice, there will be more than just potato recipes in this book. It features the farm fresh produce we grow and sell at our fruit stand. Or, we will also promote our cousin’s cookbook, 101 Things to Do with a Potato by Stephanie Ashcraft.

Farm Favorites Cookbook