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We grow several kinds of hay:

  • Alfalfa Hay
  • Grass Hay
  • Pea & Oat Mix Hay

We usually have bales, both large and small for sale.

Alfalfa hay is the forage we use to feed our cattle with during the winter. We cut it, allow it to dry down to 12% moisture. We bale at night with the dew to preserve the nutrition in the leaves. We have experimented with high moisture hay called haylage (like silage, only fermented hay rather than corn), which the cows actually prefer.

Grass hay is also a good cattle feed, but is the local preferred feed for horses, sheep and other simple stomached animals.

Pea & Oat hay mix is great for feeding for cows and horses, goats and mules. It adds nutrition value to your herd. Pea and oat hay usually yields good and can be more economical to purchase as feed.

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