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Which do you Choose? For Long Term Storage or Use It Now?

We are farmers and grow NON-GMO hard white wheat so you can enjoy wholesome wheat stragiht from the farm. If you need advice and are wondering what kind of wheat to choose to make your bread and other pastries, I’ll tell you my preferences. If I had to choose only one type of wheat to store and eat regularly, I would choose hard white wheat (for those who can tolerate the gluten). It makes a lighter texture, lighter colored, sweeter bread than other wheat makes. Mostly, it is just really good (How do you like that description?). Breads made with hard red wheat produce a fuller, heartier, almost heavier flavor, and the bread will have a slightly darker color. However, bothh make good bread – it is just a matter of taste – which one you prefer. Actually, my favorite bread uses a combination of hard white wheat, hard red wheat, and spelt, along with a few other grains.

Hard white wheat (spring and winter varieties) are most often used for breads as well as specialty noodles. Hard Red Wheat (spring and winter varieties) are most often used for breads as well as most baking. Our wheat protein levels are at about 13 (which is standard) and will make a wonderful whole wheat bread (especially if you make your own fresh flour from your own grain mill, like the WonderMill or NutriMill).

Don’t confuse “whole grain white wheat” with store-bought “white flour”! Whole white wheat is slightlly lighter in color than red wheat, both have good nutritional value and are very close in actual color. Store-bought white flour has had all the nutrients removed from it adding no nutritional value to the products you use it in. Whote grain white and store white are not even close to the same thing.