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About Our Farm

My husband and I have farmed together for about 12 years now. My hubby grew up farming and really loves playing in the dirt. We tease him he bleeds green (for the color of tractor he prefers to drive).

It is amazing to me how much a farmer needs to know to farm smartly. He needs to be a chemical scientist – knowing about the elements and chemicals in the soil (even the natural ones), he needs to be well-schooled in plant health, biology, meteorology, chemistry, agronomy, business, accounting, basic animal nutrition, soil health, record keeping, technology advances, and so much more.

Well, like I said, he grew up living, eating, breathing farming and I grew up else-where. I grew up in a farming town. Some of my good friends were farmer’s kids, but I was not involved in farming at all, except playing Pictionary trying to guess the farming terminology being drawn as it related to random words.

We farm now with 4 kids and they love it, too. It is a good way to raise kids.

We also run a fruit stand near our home. We sell the fresh produce we grow and source some of our fruit from the Boise area that we cannot grow on this side of the state (like peaches and pears). Visit Food Dudes for more info on that.

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